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Cleaning your room is fun!

Reuse and Recycle

Hi Guys!

Is your bedroom a mess?  Can you see the bottom of your floor?  No?  Well time to clean, clean, clean!!

Cleaning can be great fun and exciting when you reuse and recycle your unwanted items.

Before you clean your room, why not get some ideas by playing this fun cleaning game first?  Anita needs help cleaning her room.  Can you put all Anita’s rubbish in the right bins?

We’d love to hear what you do with the unwanted items in your room, so let us know if you prefer to recycle or reuse.  Either way, you’re helping the planet AND keeping your parents happy!


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Who lives in the deep ocean?

Environmental games for kids

Come on in and explore the Southern ocean with this interactive game, get to know which creatures lives in different depths of the ocean. Click on the image to start to play!

If you want to know about the Colossal Squid visit the Te Papa museum web site at :

Created by Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

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Let’s play and save the sharks!

Environmental activities for kidsHelp save sharks like the Great White Shark with this game! Click on the image to play Predator Protector!

From Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Adventures is a web site where you can find cool underwater videos, marine screen savers, ocean adventure wallpaper and much more.

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Do YOU have what it takes to become an eco-agent?

picture-13 The planet is in trouble! Click here to become a real secret agent and start saving our earth from pollution and extinction!

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From a to b. Find out about riding the bus

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the story of the fizzy can

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The Water Family


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