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Monarch Butterfly – Spot the Difference!

Did you know, Monarch butterflies are poisonous?  That’s right!  To predators, the toxins from the monarch’s diet (Milkweed) has made it a poisonous snack to other insects!  The Monarch can show off its beautiful orange and black wings, because it doesn’t need camouflage to keep safe!  The Monarch’s bright colour tells other insects to keep away!

Can you spot the difference between these two butterflies?

Picture 32


Still looking..?

The butterfly on the left is called the Viceroy Butterfly.  He has evolved to look like the poisonous Monarch on the right so that predators will avoid him too!  Notice the black stripe towards the bottom of his wings?


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Do YOU have what it takes to become an eco-agent?

picture-13 The planet is in trouble! Click here to become a real secret agent and start saving our earth from pollution and extinction!

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From a to b. Find out about riding the bus

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the story of the fizzy can

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The Water Family


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Beat the rush!

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