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Getting rid of e-waste





Parents – listen up!






Recycling electronic waste (computers, televisions, old cellphones etc) enables the recovery and re-use of valuable materials, and ensures toxic materials are not buried in our landfills – so its better for our environment. The podcast below contains vital information about how you can dispose of e-waste, and what to expect at an e-day event!





Additional music:


“Black Ants in Sound Dust” by Stereolab


“Telephasic Workshop” by Boards of Canada




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Is your school getting in on the action??? Climate ActionIf you havent heard yet – the day of international climate action is coming up on October 24th!! Whoa thats super soon….

On this day in Dunedin, head down to the Railway Station and taste some yummy treats (and get in on some great gardening freebies / advice) for the Spring Food Festival (email if you, your family or friends are keen to help out)!

However, the day before this is the 350 Aotearoa Schools action day – yes, thats right, a separate day JUST for you guys to come up with something awesome to blow everyone in the country (and the world) away!! Youve still got heaps of time to get going, so go to the site now and download the action guide and poster and make sure you email to register your schools action!!

If your school has already planned something, add it here as a comment so other people can see your ideas!

(Gosh we’ve added a lot of exclamation marks on this post, but we’re just so excited about this!!!!)

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Lessons from a Melting Ice Cap…

From NZ to Greenland…and back!

Picture 25

Check out this great film made by 3 Dunedin girls in 2007, and see how young people like YOU in New Zealand can start to tackle issues of climate change.

Contact with any questions or enquiries about how you and your school can get a copy of this amazing documentary!!

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Lets Get Gardening!!

Gardening activities for kidsIts finally spring-time! And you know what that means – way more time and sunshine for playing outside! Woohoo!

Hopefully you’ve got a garden at home or at school – if you dont there are heaps of great places to play, like the Botanic Gardens, or even taking a trip out to the beach with your friends and family.

If you are out in the garden, see what different types of plants are beginning to appear. New flowers will be coming through, and its a GREAT time to plant new things!

If you, your family, your teachers or school mates are wondering where you can find information about gardening around Dunedin, check out the Otepoti Urban Organics Network. Its a place for everyone to go and check out what kind of gardening events are happening, and if youve got questions there are heaps of other people from the network that can help you out.

So get outside and get gardening today!

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Be a DOC Ranger for a Day!!!

Picture 16

Talk about the coolest competition EVER! Two winners get to choose to be one of the following for a day: skink ranger, freshwater fish ranger, coastal ranger, threatened plant ranger or recreation and historic ranger!

All you need to do is explain in your own way how you can get involved with conservation in your neighbourhood. The way you explain is completely up to you – you can write a song, draw a picture, construct a sculpture or photograph, or just write a letter!

Find out more here – youve got until Monday 14th of September to enter!!!

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C’mon John, Sign On!

Picture 13Climate change is happening MUCH faster than anyone expected – and the world needs you guys now to take some action! We want to get our Prime Minister John Key to sign on later this year as a global agreement in Copenhagen to reduce New Zealand’s carbon emissions by 40% . Read here for further information about climate change and how YOU and your family can sign on!

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eDay! Recycling Electronic Waste

Picture 71

Do you want to get rid of your old computer or broken mobile?

Recycling electronic waste (e-waste) enables the recovery and reuse of valuable materials and ensures toxic materials are not buried in our landfills.

This is a New Zealand wide activity and will be held on September 12, 2009

Have a look at the web site to check where you can take your e-waste and make the difference!

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Sea creatures Podcasts!

Picture 64Hey guys – as promised here are our audio podcasts from our trip to the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre in Portobello! The first one follows feeding the seahorses, as well as a number of other cool things you can do & see at this awesome location.

Additional Music:
“Spring 2008” by Architecture in Helsinki
“Skeletons” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Click here to Download and play the mp3 file from UniTube.

Picture 63The next clip is a poem called One Less Fish. This story creates an awareness of how we are losing our precious friends in the sea, and is read out by Tahu Mackenzie from the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.

Adapted from Toff, K.M. and A. Sheather. 1997. One Less Fish. University of Queensland Press, Australia.

Additional Music:
“Nemo Egg” & “Field Trip” by Thomas Newman

Click here to Download and play the mp3 file from UniTube.

To subscribe to these podcasts in iTunes, choose “Subscribe to Podcast” in the “Advanced” menu and paste in the following url:

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Journey to the Tropical Forest at Otago Museum

Picture 34

Want to go on an audio journey of Discovery World and the Tropical Forest at the Otago Museum? Click here to listen!

Click here to Download and play the mp3 file (1.9 MB) from UniTube.

To subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, choose “Subscribe to Podcast” in the “Advanced” menu and paste in the following url:

Music “Loch Raven” by Animal Collective

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A trip to discover Ocean adventures!

Picture 9

Last weekend we took a trip to the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre out in Portobello. We went there to film and record some sound so we could start making a really cool podcast just for you guys (stay tuned – well make sure you can listen to it soon)!

While we were there we saw and learnt about seahorses, heaps of different fish, and even got to go in a submarine!!! It’s a really great place to go and visit any time of the year, so check their website out here for details.

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