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Getting rid of e-waste





Parents – listen up!






Recycling electronic waste (computers, televisions, old cellphones etc) enables the recovery and re-use of valuable materials, and ensures toxic materials are not buried in our landfills – so its better for our environment. The podcast below contains vital information about how you can dispose of e-waste, and what to expect at an e-day event!





Additional music:


“Black Ants in Sound Dust” by Stereolab


“Telephasic Workshop” by Boards of Canada




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Outdoor activities for parents and kids to do together!

Kids living in urban centers, or even suburbs, are often disconnected from the nature. Here are some activities you can do with kids with nature and our environment:

Outdoor activities for kids and parents



Adopt a Tree

While taking a walk or hiking, have your child to pick out a favorite tree in a  park or forest and “adopt” it. Essentially, your child will take on the role of being   the tree’s caretaker. Do bark rubbings with crayons and paper; leaf collection and pressing in the fall; and look for flowers and fruit in the summer. Each year, take pictures of your child standing beside the tree. You can even bring   along measuring tape to track the tree’s growth. Kids can also research the tree on the internet: where the tree is commonly found, usual life span, height, etc.

Clean Up the Earth

A good way to teach our children about taking care of our planet, and get some exercise at the same time, is to take bags with you go for a walk. While doing so, “clean up” along the way. You can pick up stray bottles, newspapers and discarded food containers. You can organize an “Environment Club” in the neighborhood or through your child’s school. Make it a contest to see who can get the most items. Choose different days to clean up a wide area. Use the time to talk to your children about recycling and reducing waste. (kids can wear rubber gloves or bring a pointed stick if they don’t want to touch any garbage.)

Keep a Wildlife Journal

Have your child make daily notes of all the wildlife living in your neighborhood. They can even take photos, or draw pictures, and write down the times of sighting, habitats and behavioral patters. It is amazing how many different species are living in your own backyard! Some examples are: birds, wetas, snails, worms, geckos, etc.

Be creative and enjoy this time with children, environmental education for kids is more important than ever.

For more information visit this site from Stephanie Browning.

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Recycling Cartoon!!!

Even cartoons are keen to help out their environment! let’s R-E-C-Y-C-L-E!!!

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“Plastic Bag aren’t Free” Day

plastic bag no Who: Dunedin Secondary Students’s Climate Forum

Event: ‘Plastic Bags Aren’t Free’ Day

When: on Saturday 15 August, 2009

Where: Dunedin, place will be publish soon.

If you want to have a look at the news check this link:

Photo from:

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School Holiday Fun!


Hey guys! Looking for something fun to do these holidays? Head to the Dunedin Community Gallery on Princes Street (just past the Octagon) to create some awesome artwork from recycled rubbish!

Entries accepted 8.30am – 10am. Monday 13th July
Community Gallery, Princes Street

Entry: FREE

Ph: 0800 438 633.
Registrations essential

Exhibition Times: 12noon – 5pm. Monday 13th July; 10am – 5pm, Tuesday 14th July and Wednesday 15th July; 10am – 1pm, Thursday 16th July.


Image found at:

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Smoking Kills

cigaretteHave you ever thought about the fact that smoking can not only kill people, but animals too? Here is an award-winning short film by Nick Holmes about the disasterous effects cigarettes can have on our planet…

Check out the video here…

Picture by Chi Duong

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Do YOU have what it takes to become an eco-agent?

picture-13 The planet is in trouble! Click here to become a real secret agent and start saving our earth from pollution and extinction!

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