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Lessons from a Melting Ice Cap…

From NZ to Greenland…and back!

Picture 25

Check out this great film made by 3 Dunedin girls in 2007, and see how young people like YOU in New Zealand can start to tackle issues of climate change.

Contact with any questions or enquiries about how you and your school can get a copy of this amazing documentary!!


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Recycling Cartoon!!!

Even cartoons are keen to help out their environment! let’s R-E-C-Y-C-L-E!!!

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Sesame Street – Ronnie TRASH

Check out this video and see what Ronnie Trash has to tell!

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Smoking Kills

cigaretteHave you ever thought about the fact that smoking can not only kill people, but animals too? Here is an award-winning short film by Nick Holmes about the disasterous effects cigarettes can have on our planet…

Check out the video here…

Picture by Chi Duong

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Bringing up the kids, make a change on earth

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Sweet global warming animation!

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Antarctica Video!

Here’s quite a cool video of a Marine Biologist teaching a class of Swiss 9 year olds about global warming and her experiences in Antarctica. ¬†Might be good to have in the teacher’s resources section of our site..?

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